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Coming this fall exclusively through Guitar Center & Musiciansfriend - Galaxy Dream Violin, sold with the violin sheet music to Star Wars! Limited edition design!

                                          Galaxy Dream Violin

Top professionals love our violins featured at ASTA 2017 held in Pittsburgh. Alison Mayes, President of ASTA Colorado has fun with our Tie Dye Violin!

 So proud to see young Alex Cameron performing on his Blue Lightning Violin in the National Anthem for the Boston Red Sox vs Pittsburgh Pirates at Jet Blue Park!!!




Outstanding youth enjoy playing our Mystic Owl Violin! 

Miss Black USA Jr Teen 2015. Michaela D. Dunn.



Alex & Sean at the "Learning For Life" talent competition. Alex won "best in show" and Sean won 3rd place! 




Students of Gwen Laster at play with a rainbow of Designer Violins!!




Making new friends at TMEA and discovering that Southern charm really does exist!





Violinist Johnny Arco of American Idol fame joins our booth at the NAMM 2016 booth along with John Cavanaugh of Super Sensitive Strings. People got to hear amazing jamming by Johnny and Rozanna!


8/ 16/15


Butterfly Dream Fuchsia Glitter Violin Outfit.


Reviews: Just in from a fan who also happens to teach at Juilliard!

"My daughter Shira delights in Rozanna's Designer Violins, playing with them as though she were in a fairy tale land, moving elegantly from one to the next pending on the mood she is trying to convey. She closes her eyes and enjoys every moment, engrossed in her creativity which is awakened by the Sunflower Delight violin, the Wise Owl, and the Butterfly Dream Violin!"


Sophie Arbuckle Juilliard Pre-College Teacher 



******5.0 out of 5 stars*


"I bought this Butterfly Dream Violin in the 4/4 FULL SIZE, and my Violin students are getting a big kick out of me playing along with them at lessons. Both Children and Adults! The bow is very nice too!! and the case is very, very light which is a must when transporting it. Nice rosin is included. The Violin has a sweet, full sound, and Im having fun breaking it in. Very surprised at the high quality of material used and professional craftsmanship for the price! Its beautiful!" 


Janice Tucker Rhoda “String Teacher” Author, The ABC’s of Strings

Carl Fischer Music Publishers:

Painted Violins-Pros And Cons 



Rozanna's Violins gets many questions regarding: Violins—Painted…or Not?

Does the paint affect performance? No more than any other coating would. Our violins have no more layers of paint than others do of varnish or even polyurethene seen on a lot of student violins. While school orchestra leaders and teachers may want traditional looks, we respect that. But what about that aspiring fiddler that wants to rock, be a country/bluegrass star, or jazz hotshot?

Remember, guitars used to be pretty much one color too. Why not give the violin world some of that visual flair? Famous violinists/fiddlers that have had colored or painted violins: Doug Kershaw, Jean Luc-Ponty, David LaFlamme, Sugarcane Harris, and even Stradivari himself...each played violins with painted images or the whole instrument itself was other than the standard finish…

Check out youngster Alex with father Doug Cameron of Oklahoma playing Rozanna's "Blue Lightning" model with this video link here:


Here's a bit more on the subject from Strings Magazine, March 2013: 3 Myths About Painted Violins Myth: Paint inhibits tone. The notion that paint produces an inferior tone is pure speculation. After all, many inexpensive student violins are covered in a heavy polyurethane finish that offers no more chance for the wood to “breathe” than paint.... Myth: Painted violins are poorly constructed. Many manufacturers of painted violins adhere to the same construction quality found on similarly priced stained and varnished student violins. ... Myth: Painted violins are inherently unplayable. Painted violins are no more or less playable than a comparable wood-finish student violin in the same price range. All the rules for selecting a student violin apply: check the set-up (the bridge, the string height, the neck angle, the comfort), the condition of the fingerboard, etc. Not all purple violins are created equal, so you should have an expert evaluate the sound, construction, and playability...