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Adopting To Customers During COVID19

 Our commitment to make music available to people the world over has not changed, despite these circumstances.  NOW to address your needs we are offering unique CUSTOMIZED designs. While some of our designs aren't available at this time we are adopting and making other designs available.  Contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to customize a violin like no other.  EMAIL: rozannasviolins@gmail.com or CALL/TEXT: 917-937-6624

Instruments That Reflect The Changing Look & Sound of Violin Playing!

Juilliard teachers endorse our instruments!

My daughter Shira delights in Rozanna's Designer Violins, playing with them as though she were in a fairy tale land, moving elegantly from one to the next pending on the mood she is trying to convey. She closes her eyes and enjoys every moment, engrossed in her creativity which is awakened by the Sunflower Delight violin, the Wise Owl, and the Butterfly Dream Violin!

Sophie Arbuckle, Viola Teacher, Juilliard Pre College

Endorsed by top educators in the industry!

"I bought this Butterfly Dream Violin in the 4/4 full size, and my Violin students are getting a big kick out of me playing along with them at lessons. Both Children and Adults! The bow is very nice too!! and the case is very, very light which is a must when transporting it. Nice rosin is included. The Violin has a sweet, full sound, and Im having fun breaking it in. Very surprised at the high quality of material used and professional craftsmanship for the price! Its beautiful!" 


Janice Tucker Rhoda “String Teacher” Author, The ABC’s of Strings

Carl Fischer Music Publishers:

Janice Tucker Rhoda

An Enthusiastic Fan!

My 4 year old is obsessed with your blue lightning violin.  He talks about it every week at lessons and says he is going to ask Santa for one at Christmas.

An Enthusiastic Fan