Outstanding Youth Who Make The World Better

Highlights from harlem school of the arts Sept. 8th visit with students & staff!


Little Miss Flint makes us proud, as a lioness of justice, bringing attention and fight to the Flint Water Crisis, helping so many people in the process! When Little Miss Flint had her beloved pink violin stolen there was one and only one violin that Mari wanted - our Tie Dye Violin!

Mari Copeny aka Little Miss Flint 

Meeting President Obama

We realize that Mari has many friends, not the least of whom includes President Obama.  But we're glad to have made a difference in the llife of this fine youth!

12 Year old Alex Cameron has been playing the violin since he was 4. He loves all styles of music, from classical to country and from jazz to Celtic. Alex’s dad, Doug Cameron is also an electric violinist/recording artist and Alex participates in shows with his dad and his 8 year old brother Sean.  “I love to touch people with music,” says Alex. “And I know music can make people happy.” Alex and his family also participate in many charitable events, and plays every year for The Salvation Army Thanksgiving meal and Kettle Drive at Christmas.  Alex also loves sports and plays tackle football for his middle school team. He also loves fishing, tennis, skiing and roller hockey. Alex’s mother, Juliette Cameron is from Australia and Alex was actually born in Bairnsdale, Australia. Although Alex is a proud American, he is also proud of his Australian heritage. Rozanna's Violins is also proud of Alex.  Playing on his Blue Lightning Violin, he has changed the look & sound of a young virtuoso!
Father Doug Cameron has done a wonderful job guidancing Alex. Below they solo with orchestra!