NAMM 2024: A Diary in Photos

NAMM 2024: A Diary in Photos

The 2024 NAMM Show turned out to be a star studded event with unexpected visits by some of the greatest most trendsetting string players in the world. She Rocks Awards, Esther Anaya, Darius Campo, Lindsey Stirling, Kiev Morales, Raphael Batista, WhoIsDSharp all descend upon Rozanna's Violins at the most recent NAMM 2024 Convention in Anaheim, California.

So many things led to Rozanna's Violins having a booth at NAMM 2024 in Anaheim California. This years show was especially important because all of the tremendous growth seen by the company, as a global brand, that led to new models that the universe recognized in most unexpected ways at this years show.

Discovering that our Wrap Splat Violin took center stage for the 'She Rocks' awards, it felt like a 'disturbance in the force' when a violin gets better props than a guitar. (While some colleagues have compared this violin to the famous Eddie Van Halen guitar, with its strong minimalist strips of color, this violin was originally inspired by the women's couture designer, Diane von Furstenberg. Known for the wrap dress that was tailored perfectly to hug a woman's curves, the Wrap Violin was intended to accentuate the  shape of the violin in a minimalistic way. The Splat effect came next, representing the chaotic energy that can be transformed into artistic expression.)  

At any rate, our company was delighted for the props by She Rocks Awards, and the many outstanding string players, representing all kinds of styles, that found their way to Rozanna's Vioins booth at NAMM 2024!

So many of the most talented influential powerhouse talents in the string world, made their way to Rozanna's Violins. We bonded over our love of music, discovery and the treasure of new friendships made. One of the best things about profound meetings, especially first meetings, is they make one wonder, how you could have lived without that person till now.  Such are the meetings of the heart, that include the love of music, discovery and commaraderie.

Meeting Darius Campo was a momentous occasion. From the moment he tuned Electric Blue Lightning Violin, it was clear, a master was playing. Regarded as one of the most recorded musicians of all time, he has performed on over 2,000 films including films like Star Wars, Star Trek. Being a professional musician myself, for many years, I knew the rarified world of film music recording, was where Mr Campo had the good fortune to dominate. Hearing some of his amazing stories about the recording world in which he was such an integral part, and his current and future projects, its clear, Darius Campos is blazing new and greater trails as a solo and performance artist. We can't wait to see what comes next!

Fresh young talent like Kiev Morales, graced our booth and blew people away with his heartful improv renderings, managing to coax the sweetest sounds out of Electric Blue Lightning Violin with his incredible covers! Kiev was a welcome musical fixture at Rozanna's Violins, spinning beautiful melodies and attracting plenty of listeners! He, along with Rafael Batista and  Derryck Gleaton aka WhoIsDSharp, represent a fresh take on violin improv and powerful influencers from Instagram to TikTok to Youtube. 

Meeting Rafael Batista first came about back in New York back in December, when he asked us to customize his violin with our Dragon Spirit Violin design. We lost the jewels on the side for the playing version, but with its buffed gold edging around the design, it brought us back to the days of dungeons and dragons, but in an edgy DJ Violinist kinda way! Rafael has led a singular career, combining virtuosity, edgy pop feel and super skills as a DJ. He is a powerhouse force in the LA scene and the world at large, with his soulful covers. 

Rafael's new custom Dragon Spirit Violin with polished gold edging.

Derryck Gleaton, aka Dsharp and WhoIsDSharp made an indominable impression with his inspired musical intensity and virtuosity.  And yet, along with being one of the coolest dudes on the world circuit of string influencers, including viola and violin players alike, he is a disarmingly warm hearted fella, who's passion for great viola stories made for some lively dialogue. With over 1 million viewers on youtube alone, Dsharp is changing the world of string playing, one incredible riff at a time. 

Violists always find things to talk about. Sharing lore about great violists of the past, like Karen Tuttle and William Primrose, one hopes a connection and thread will be created, linking the past with the present and future generations of music makers. 

Esther Anaya was quite a presence and a woman of singular talent.  She has forged a phenomenal career as a DJ violinist, opening wide doors, that could never have been imagined by previous generation violinists.  With more than 800,000 fans on Instagram alone, Esther made a stellar presence at Rozanna's Violins, matched only by her artistry and love of music.  Forging a unique path as a DJ/ Violinist, who's spinning can be seen at the NFL, Los Angeles Chargers and the recent Super Bowl,  Esther is even brand ambassador for Cadillac and Estee Lauder, Esther Anaya is like no other, in the music world, and absolutely forging paths where no woman or man has gone before. 

These dominant force string players in the LA scene, are creating some powerful momentum into mainstream music makers and cultural power houses! It was a priviledge to hear these artistically, uniquely formed artists express themselves. Friendships were formed, bonded by a love of music and pushing the envelope. 

Esther and Rozanna bond over music and pushing the envelope.

Electric Blue Lightning Violin  was on hand. 

Crista, right on violin, and Kat Findlay, left, (who usually plays cello) are innovative musicians hailing from Salt Lake City Utah, that are making string playing fun and engaging for audiences the world over.  With their imaginative, and creative social media presence and chemistry together, they are among the exciting young musicians changing what string playing can look and sound like.

Taking a moment to put into words the opportunity to meet Lindsey Stirling is something that is really difficult to do. My initial response was tears.  Where they came from, exactly, can't fully be explained.  But it felt like a powerful meeting of the minds.  Lindsey's vision as a ground breaking artist, and the mission of Rozanna's Violins, to be instruments for 21st century players, found symbiosis and an instant friendship among piers walking similar paths. 


 Rozanna's Violins has been founded as a company striving to create the tools for contemporary musicians.  It is just such musicians and visionaries like Lindsey Stirling, that sprinkle this pioneering path with the fairy dust of her magic and genius, putting the violin on the map as a popular instrument, with an impact like no one before her. I found myself sobbing uncontrollably. Perhaps it was the years of walking a path that often seemed lonely, as someone redefining string instruments, and finally meeting someone who has successfuly walked that path in such a profound way. But perhaps most importantly, I will remember that Lindsey and I are bonded by a wish to do good in the world.  I know an angel when I met one! Lindsey is the real deal!

Evan Pittson, who hails from New York, also dropped by.  Known for his transformative Jazz improv on electric viola, we were happy to see Evan playing the violin for a change, at our booth!

Andof course, the Mariachi Youth made an indelible impression, with their youthful charm and joyful smiles.  Their brightly colored costumes seemed to lend themselves to our colorful booth, matched only by their cheerful presence.  And what a joy to hear Mariachi Violin playing!

Indeed, NAMM Show 2024 will be remembered as one of incredible new encounters and a world of possibilities that have opened up. And most importantly, it will be remembered as a year when heartfelt friendships a musical relationships were forged. See you again soon!

 the booth was also bubbling with enthusiasm from 

Diurka Diaz and Ivan Castro who were handling the booth and generating lots of excitement. Joy is infectious and they did spread joy while introducing our violins to the world!


And of course the great support we got at the booth from Diurka Diaz and Ivan Castro!


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