Rozanna's Violins Butterfly Dream II White Glitter Violin Outfit w/Greca

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Violin Outfit with lovely Butterfly Dream II design. Our latest butterfly and flower themed violin, featuring a delicate and colorful pattern. Now includes Iridescent Crystal on tailpiece. Make any little girl feel like a princess with this charming beauty! Fine tone woods combined with proprietary design application are winning fans the world over! Features Maple back & sides, solid spruce top, ebony fittings plus 4 tuner tailpiece. Comes completely set up and includes quality violin case & brazilwood bow!

Lovely Butterfly & Flower design with colorful detail
Hand applied artwork
Greca pattern around sides
Crystal or pearl detail on tailpiece
Nice tone woods featuring solid spruce top
Hand applied gloss finish
Quality maple, back & sides
Ebony fittings
Brazil wood bow, horsehair
Rosin, quality strings
Set up included
Sturdy shaped case, carrying strap, interior & exterior pockets
Sizes: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4,
Available with Greca pattern on sides