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by Rozanna Weinberger For many string players, there is very little about playing a violin, viola or cello that feels natural without plenty of practicing. While no one can avoid plenty of practice to master a piece of music to the point where it is ready for performance, no doubt, discovering the easiest way to […]

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by Rozanna Weinberger Right hand finger action is a cause for bewilderment by many students. The myth is that the fingers must be trained to move back and forth,  to curl and straighten, to effect a proper bow hold.  While in principal its true these movements need to occur,  the movements are the effect of a […]

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by Rozanna Weinberger Throughout my studies it was typical that various teachers would espouse preferences in vibrato,between arm or wrist. D.C. Dounis has an interesting perspective where he goes so far as to say one is inferior to the other. Continuing from the material covered from the interview between Samuel Applebaum and Dounis, this entry will examine […]

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Login | March 11, 2016 Violin company inspires music creativity in kids Pictures SHERRY KARABIN Legal News Reporter Published: March 10, 2016 Akron native Rozanna Lee Weinberger said she grew up dreaming of one day being accepted to The Juilliard School. She started playing piano at 4, viola at 9 and was composing music in first […]

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by Rozanna Weinberger Students have so many ways of taking in information. The question is how to teach in a way students understand with their bodies, and physical momentum.  Any time rhythm and tempo are felt in the body as well as intellectually understood the student is much more likely to have a more natural […]

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