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Just as dancers must support their upper bodies properly to dance skillfully, so too string players need to become aware of the functionality of the abdominals and not overuse the shoulders.

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When I was in school I always admired dancers who seemed to be the antithesis of the motley crew which were us instrumentalists. While most string players rarely considered posture as a significant part of the equation for optimal technique, posture and dance technique are inseparable. But times have changed and it seems learning to […]

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by Rozanna Weinberger Have you ever noticed how many string players tend to carry themselves with a curvature of the spine and sloping  shoulders and back, even when not playing the instrument? Its amazing how we can develop physical habits unconsciously. The thing is, you’d never see a dancer develop a slumping posture over time. Sure […]

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by Rozanna Weinberger Going to school at Juilliard, the music majors were often surrounded by dancers, actors in the school cafeteria. I remember how easy it was to distinguish the dancers from musicians for strictly on appearance. While a clear give away for dancers was their lean limbs, they always managed to carry themselves with amazing […]

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By Rozanna Weinberger The following article covers 5 common misconceptions typical among players young and old.  More advanced players may also show elements of these issues that were never fully overcome causing technique to be more challenging while technical execution may be less than maximum efficiency.     When holding the violin/viola the instrument stays in place by clutching it between […]

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