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by Rozanna Weinberger Having the opportunity to study with Karen Tuttle on viola was a great one for so many reasons, not the least of which was working with a teacher who set an example as a human being.  But Karen was an inspiration for another important reason. She studied with William Primrose, arguably the most naturally gifted […]

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by Rozanna Weinberger A theme I often touch upon is the matter of how vibrato is physically conceptualized. Proponents of wrist vibrato, for example encourage students to thrust the wrist forward and back,wherein the wrist is the point where movement is generated. But if we are to take a more holistic approach to vibrato, where […]

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A Natural Approach to Vibrato.

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Comfortable Left Hand in Upper Positions.

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For many violists and violinists playing beyond the third position is challenging because it feels like such a ‘reach’. But think about it, if one were to try bringing the arm around without the instrument, to touch one’s nose with the index finger, for example, which is actually a greater distance than playing in the […]

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