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by Rozanna Weinberger Presented at the Educators Sessions, NAMM 2018 Anaheim, California Good afternoon! I want to thank the NAMM organization for this opportunity to share with you a bit about my company, its inspiration, and why we’ve gained momentum in the industry. For most of my life, I have worked on the performance side of […]

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by Rozanna Weinberger While I don’t really enjoy drawing attention to how far I go back, I can confidently say there was a time when the choice for string players primarily included orchestra, chamber music, teaching and if you were very lucky, a solo career. There also seemed to be a more widespread appeal and respect for classical. […]

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Forging a Path and Understanding the Difference Between a Career Path and Career Pattern There are 2 approaches to a career in the arts upon graduating from schools that we will outline.   Career Path Vs. Career Pattern A career pattern can be a good thing and represents the pursuit of goals based upon a […]

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Our Environment – Our Attitude Many Fortune 500 Companies have creative workplaces today designed to help people feel relaxed: familiar with their surroundings, comfortable with the people that they’re working with. It takes more than decor, but creative companies often have symbols in the workplace that remind people to be playful, and that it’s an […]

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KIDS TAKE A CHANCE; ADULTS PLAY IT SAFE! Fortune 500 companies dependent on innovation to do business have learned a few essential tricks about innovation and it’s been hard wired into their culture. Question: How can teachers create a trusted environment where students feel secure enough to take risks and ‘play’?Charles Limb, a neuroscientist at […]

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